The Benefits of Document Translation Services

Whether it’s for a marketing strategy, an employee handbook or any other form of business document, translation services are a serious consideration for any business in the current global economy. A freelancer is always an option when outsourcing any form of work. However, there are companies that deliver high quality document translation services for many different business documents and contracts, other legal documents and even medical documents.

Why Do You Need Document Translation Services?
With an ever-growing global economy, the need for translation services has been increasing significantly over the years. It’s simple really; if a business wants to expand into say, Spain, they would need all their marketing materials, employee handbooks (assuming they would be requiring native speakers to work for their company) and other business documents translated into Spanish. This is where document translation comes in and whilst a lot of companies choose an independent translator to do the work for them, this isn’t always the best or most affordable option.

Translation in business is a very important thing to get right. Especially when complex documents are involved – for example, legal documents need to be translated exceptionally well to maintain their accuracy. A real concern for both legal and medical documents is things being lost in translation. Almost any business document requires some level of expertise in that specific area and that’s where document translation services shine.

Freelance Translation vs Document Translation Services
An independent translator or even an in-house translator may be able to do a great job at translating the documents required for your business; however, there are instances where a document translation service is a better option.

  • Translation services tend to offer a broader scope of expertise
    • The documents being translated may require knowledge of the legal system in that country or potentially medical jargon or require an awareness of cultural differences. Document translation services usually have a team of translators who can accurately translate complex topics from one language to another;considering any cultural or system discrepancies.
  • Document translation services usually mean a faster service
    • If you are translating large numbers of business documents, you’ll find that a dedicated translation service will offer a much faster turnaround than an in-house or freelance translator.
  • Customer support systems are better with an agency versus a freelancer
    • If you have any issues with the translation service or you require confidentiality, non-disclosure and other support during the process, you’re more likely to get this from an agency than with a freelancer.
  • Additional services and optional extras
    • Document translation isn’t always as simple as offering a document and it being translated immediately. Sometimes you will want or need additional services such as editing, proofreading and glossaries and other document additions. These are usually offered with agencies and would be expensive add-ons with a freelancer.
  • Quality Assurance, Standards and Compliance
    • Agencies that offer translation services will almost always adhere to strict quality assurance and standards. This usually guarantees a level of quality and checks that you wouldn’t get with a freelancer.

While of course, in many cases, an independent freelancer or an in-house translator may be a good option for small translations of simple documents, generally it’s a better and more cost-effective option to choose a document translation service.

If you are thinking of expanding your business into a global market, then you are likely to need translation services and the above benefits of agency translation should show you the reasons behind choosing a translation service over a freelancer.

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